The Clock is Ticking: Avoiding procrastination takes preparation

Written by Linh Ly

It is difficult to get started on your PAK right away when you get home. The PAK looks a lot so you put it off, thinking that you’ll do it later. Later eventually came but you didn’t want to do it and continue to do what you were doing before. This could have a negative influence on your grades and health later on.

Procrastination is a unfavorable habit. The sooner you break this habit, the sooner you can start enjoying your time at Kerr without a plethora of stress. These are some ways you can get started, recommended by Interventionist Jan Kolk.

  • It is easy to get distracted while doing your work. Your phone buzzes, drawing your attend to the message you just receive. The easiest way to solve this problem is to put away the object that is distracting you or just move away from it. If your phone is distracting you, then put it somewhere where it is not easily accessible.
  • Having a lot of work doesn’t mean you won’t have time for anything else. First, you should read your PAK and see what you have to do. Then set short term goals. If you divide up your work properly within the time available, then you should be able to finish your PAK and still have time for other activities.
  • It is also important to use your time wisely within the centers. It is pretty easy to get distracted in the centers, but if you ignore the distractions, then you will actually get a lot of work done.
  • Creating a good habit of doing this is actually very difficult. You need to do it over and over again consecutively hundreds and hundreds of time to make it a habit. First you need to find the trigger for the habit you’re trying to break, what is stopping you from doing the habit you’re trying to create. Then, after you’ve found it, make it so that the habit you are trying to create is easy to do.

For more resources, visit the Kerr and Beyond page on Schoology in the Resource tab. In the Eat the Frog folder, there are videos and activities that can provide ideas of easy ways to break procrastination. You can also come to Kolk’s good habits seminars to get more information.

Upcoming topics are Remember That on November 6 and Conquer Test Anxiety on November 13 and 27.

Graph of Time Wasters: What do you do while you procrastinate? 10 people watch Youtube. 9 use social media. 10 play games. 16 take names. 2 read books. 3 read manga. 3 play sports. 4 say they do something else. 54 people were surveyed.
What people do when they procrastinate. 54 people surveyed.