10 Questions with Angela Nguyen


Angela Nguyen

Written by Kelvin Lee

Question: What was the assignment that you procrastinated the most on?

Answer: I didn’t do an essay on a poet in my freshman year, and even stayed home just to avoid not turning it in.

Q: What are you hoping to see in the 2017-2018 Yearbook?

A: Have a page for the freshmen, they deserve some love.

Q: What clubs are you interested in joining this year?

A: I already joined the clubs I’m interested in during my freshman year so I’m good👌 Actually I’m kinda planning on joining Cadre Kerr maybe.

Q: Are there any achievements you want to go for this year?

A: Figure out an actual career path instead of taking every possible course??

Q: After the previous year of school, do you believe that you have improved in anyway?  

A: Nope. My time management has literally gotten worse.

Q: What class of yours do you believe you will have the most trouble in?

A: Definitely English, or any class with extensive writing. I hate writing.

Q: What are some of your hobbies or activities that you do outside of school?

A: I art. I sit and go through existential crises.

Q: What are some activities you have done over the summer?

A: I went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas I guess?? I also got some quality hang out time with a group of friends

Q: What are your opinions about this school year so far?

A: The year has been stressful because of Harvey, the assignments have been slightly rushed and it was overall just stressful   

Q: Are tomatoes a fruit and NOT a vegetable?

A: Technically they would be considered fruit. In the culinary world, they’re considered vegetables (I guess only because you use them in more savory dishes than desserts/pastries). Either way I eat them like I would an apple.