Webber clarifies off campus policy

Written by Jaclyn Ngo

Becoming a senior usually has it’s many perks—one of them being off campus lunch. Traditionally, all seniors were allowed off campus with the only requirement being parent consent. However on August 16, 2017, the new administrators enforced a stricter off campus lunch policy which many seniors disagree with. They permitted only seniors with their own car and license to leave campus to grab lunch. This limited some of the seniors who do not have their own vehicle.

Upset with the new policy, seniors voiced their opinions by starting a petition and speaking with the area superintendent, HD Chambers, during lunch. After the new administrators, Principal Vinson Lewis and Assistant Principal Paula Webber, spoke with the students and superintendent, they clarified the requirements for off campus lunch.

“I need to know if you are a passenger or if you are a driver,” Webber said. “If you’re a driver then we need to make sure you come up to the front and purchase a Kerr parking sticker so that you have permission to park.”

Senior drivers will also need to specify their license plate, make of car, and Kerr sticker number on the permission slip. There are also requirements for senior passengers.

“If you’re a passenger then I want to make sure that we have a parent and student phone number,” Webber said. “We’ve been sharing my phone number with students as well in case something happens off campus and they’re going to be delayed getting back. We just want people to be safe.”

After those prerequisites are met, seniors are allowed to enjoy their lunch off campus.