Q&A with Nena Burgess


Nena Burgess is a junior

Written by Macda

In this Q&A junior Nena Burgess was asked ten random questions.

Question:  What was it like living in Wisconsin?

Answer: I lived there pretty much my whole life. I moved to Houston when I was around thirteen. It’s just a really different environment. Sometimes my mom says that the air literally smells different here. And I agree with that. It kinda feels like- when I go to visit- it’s two different worlds. I have more family there, more childhood friends and things like that. So I guess it feels more like home there than here.

Q: What’s your favorite subject?

A: I have a lot of speech classes, but that’s more like an extracurricular. But I think my favorite subject is either APUSH or AP 3.

Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

A: If I had a superpower I would want the ability to read other people’s lives.

Q: What is your most memorable experience in Speech and Debate?

A: I don’t know if I should say this but I’m going to say it. Last year in speech and debate I met a very special person who’s still in my life right now. I met him in a tournament and we talked for awhile and then things kinda took flight.

Q: What are your goals for senior year?

A: I hope I get into the colleges I want. I hope everything goes well with like applying to places and getting scholarships and things like that. I just hope that I go somewhere where I will want to be.

Q: What are your feelings about pineapple on pizza?

A: O.K, there’s a lot to talk about pineapple on pizza. But like I’ve had it once and it wasn’t that bad. I just feel like pineapple on pizza is something that you have to be intelligent to enjoy. You have to be on another level to enjoy.

Q: Do you prefer Snapchat or Instagram?

A: Snapchat. I took a month  break from instagram and I didn’t even notice a difference in my life.

Q: What is your dream college?

A: I’m really trying to figure that out right now. My mom’s like you’re going to Harvard, but like who gets into Harvard. Not Harvard. I’m considering UT. I was looking at NYU, maybe Howard. I would rather go out of state, but if I were to stay in state it would probaby me UT or Baylor.

Q: What word would you use to describe junior year?

A: “What?”

Q: Do you have a job?

A: “Yes, I’ve worked at Burger King for almost a year!”

Nena Burgess
Nena Burgess is a junior