Q&A with Jacob Lazarou

Written by Nathan Tadesse

Question: What pushed you to become a counselor?

Answer: I decided to be a counselor because I wanted to try to help students and families in a different capacity than I could when I was teaching. I actually was getting tired of sending students to a counselor that felt comfortable talking to me. So, I decided to be a counselor – officially!

Q: Were you a counselor before you came to Kerr?

A: I was a counselor at Alief Taylor High School before coming to Kerr.

Q: Is counseling something you’ve always wanted to do?

A; I wanted to be a teacher, and I did that, and was very happy being a teacher. However, as a teacher, I started to see how some students’ personal lives were affecting them at school negatively, so I decided to be a counselor.

Q; How is counseling at Kerr different from Alief Early College?

A: Honestly, it’s the same. Yes, the schools are different, but the students deal and have to cope with many of the same challenges. I do have different roles and responsibilities at each school, but I try to work with our students in the same capacity.

Q: How do you feel about transitioning from school to school?

A: I enjoy working at both campuses, but sometimes I can’t accomplish everything that I would like to because there isn’t always enough time. That’s the most difficult thing to deal with in my job – time…

Q: Do you enjoy counseling? Why or why not?

A: I love it!!! I love working with students and their families. It is a rewarding profession, and I always feel like I make a positive difference. There are times when I wish I could do more, but the role of a counselor is to help guide and support and not to do the work for the student and their families.

Q: How do you feel about Kerr Pals?

A: I feel great about Kerr Pals! Our Pals are amazing and I truly believe we are making a difference in the lives of the students we serve at Boone, Hicks, Holmquist, Kennedy, Liestman, and Martin J.

Q: How do you feel about No Tiger Left behind?

A: No Tiger Left Behind is a valuable program to our students at Kerr. I love working with Mrs. Kolk and our students, and our goal is to make the program better every year!