Muslim Students Association shares faith and culture

Written by Abenether Yonas

“Allahu Ackbar!” A common phrase said throughout the prayer meetings of the Muslim Students Association. The club is centered around the focus of the religion of Islam, as Muslim students from around Kerr come together in unification to learn more about each other as well as practice the religion.

Taha Aslam, the president of the Muslim Students Association, tells us the main goals and purposes of the club and what they accomplish.

“The purpose of Muslim Students Association is to play religion into the role of your life through all the distractions and school work so that Islam can get back into your roots.” said Aslam.

Aslam also speaks upon the events that occur during MSA in regards to the club members and special occasions.

“We have potlucks once a term or once a semester to further bring our members together.” said Aslam. “Instead of bringing traditional party food such as chips and cookies, we encourage our members to bring home inspired food to get a little glimpse of the Islam religion running through their families at home.”   

Eileen Caetta, a spanish teacher and the sponsor of the Muslim Students Association, is a very devout Muslim who takes great pride in the club as a whole. “It’s great to see that there are devoted Muslims such as these students during a day and age like this.” said Caetta. She also encourages students to come to meetings and experience the religion for themselves whether they decide to join the club or not. 

“In order to join the club, students can begin to attend meetings regularly on Fridays after school in the Social Studies center.” said Caetta. “It’s a pleasure for students to come and witness how we pray and interact even if they decide not to join.”

Taha Aslam, president of Muslim Students Association at Kerr High School