Recycling rules explored

Recycling Bin
All the recycled paper products go to the Abitibi Paper Retriever recycling bin in the front parking lot of Kerr. It is picked up twice a month, Monday through Friday.

Recycling is the new trend and Alief ISD has joined in the effort. 

According to Molly Tatum, manger of Alief’s nutrition distribution center,  said the district recycles a variety of materials. 

“Alief is now recycling materials such as cardboard, wooden pallets, steel and aluminum cans, printer cartridges, plastic buckets and water bottles with lids,” she said. 

However, Alief is not able to recycle the following materials: glass, carbon paper, food or beverages, candy wrappers, chip bags, tissue products, styrofoam, plastic holders, and shrink and plastic wraps. 

At Kerr, almost every center has paper recycling bins for students to dispose materials in. Green Squad has two recycling bins in the cafeteria, one for plastic and the other for aluminum. 

“However, it’s not up to Green Squad to make plastic and aluminum recycling bins for the other centers because they have to be committed and put in the effort to recycle,” art teacher Lisa Canorro said. 

* interview and photo by Krista Lutrick.