PALs brings high school and elementary students together

Written by Nathan Tadesse

Kerr PALS gives students the chance to actively participate and interact with children in elementary and intermediate schools.

The members have the opportunity to teach, communicate, and lead children and share a relationship with them at their schools.

Counselor Jacob Lazarou highlights the main goals and purposes of the club.

“Our purpose is to become role models for the elementary, intermediate, and middle school students in Alief’ said Lazarou. “We want to help them with their school work, and with anything that they don’t understand. We do not solely tutor, but we engage with the students. We know knowledge is power, so we want to encourage our Pals to stay in school and to try to become the best they can be in whatever they decide to do in life.”

Students can join Pals in September and in January, but simply attending the interest meeting, filling out the application and turning it in.

The Sponsor is: Jacob Lazarou. The current officers are: Lai, Xin Yue Kang, Nam Nguyen, Benjamin Phan