Starting New Page: Library trades places with Business

Written by Abenether Yonas

 The early 2017 school year will introduce a new and improved library to Kerr High School. The library will be transitioning to the current site of the Business center and as a result the Business center will transition into the old library space.

The transition brought around a few concerning issues: the lack of space and the growing student body creates a need for expansion and the low amount of computers in the library decreases overall student productivity. The library also received funding that they were able to spend on renovating the business center.

“The library received $60,000 from the school district to transform the library into a 21st century learning center,” said Paula Murray, head librarian of the Kerr Library. “Also, the library is transitioning to the Business center because the Business center will be roomier for the growing student body.”

In addition, the Business center has a better and bigger environment for a more livelier student environment. Also, the library has been known to have no reception within it, inclining students to not be able to interact with their phones. The transition to the Business center for the library will allow students to use their cell phone services.

“The Business center has much a bigger and better space for student collaboration,” Murray continued. “Students will finally be able to access their cell phone services in the Business center compared to the library because there wasn’t any cell phone reception inside the library.”

The Business center is excited for the transition to the library as well. Business teacher Doris Curry has many plans for the new and improved Business center.

“The left side of the library will be all computers, the center of the library will have the Promethean board/seminar room and the right side will be the lounging area,” Curry said. “Depending on what the workers say, the lounging area and the Promethean board/seminar room area might switch places.”

Although the switch from the Business center to the library seems like a smaller space for the Business center, it seems perfect for  Curry.

“The library isn’t smaller, it’s just more compact,” Curry said. “The space is perfect for my classes and I think the students will like the new Business center.”

 The transitioning of the two centers will be completed sometime in late February or early March. The new and improved centers are bringing excitement to the school, with many different visions of how the renovations will make them look.