Twins have special bonds with each other

Written by Yazan Abuashour

At one end of the school, Senior Leonardo Flores rushes to Art, trying to make it before the bell rings; at the same time, Leonardo seems to walk into the cafeteria restroom to take a quick glance at his hair.

There are a couple of things that can be going on here: teleportation, an evil doppelganger from an alternative universe, or even a hologram.

The more realistic explanation is that Leonardo has a twin.

Seniors Christopher and Leonardo Flores are one of the five sets of twins currently attending Kerr.

There are situations where living with an identical twin like Christopher and Leonardo that bring up complications.

“I would tell my brother that I’m going to need the car a certain day. I’d have to reserve to use the car be-forehand when I want to go out with my girlfriend,” Leonardo said. “There are plenty of times where my brother takes the car to work and I have to find my own ride home.”

Despite some complications, Christopher still looks out for his brother.

“We usually are invited together, because we have the same friends for the most part. So, if I get invited somewhere, it’s expected that Leonardo would come with me,” he said. “There are times where he’ll be out at night and my mom would ask where he is. I’d cover for him, because I know he’ll do the same for me.”

Seniors Ricky and Brian Phan, identical twins, prefer being independent at times. “Having a twin is just like having a brother. We both do our own thing,” Ricky said. “Sometimes it gets annoying when people think we are the same person. We are twins, but we both have different personalities.”

Ricky finds it amusing when people try to distinguish between him and Brian.

“It’s really funny when people accidently call me ‘Brian.’ I don’t get mad, because I understand we look really similar,” Ricky said. “We are different people, but we are also twins. I think it’s just like having a brother that is the same age as you.”

Brain said it feels very normal to him to have a brother who is the same age.

“So many people get us confused sometimes,” he said. “One time we were planning to switch classes for a day just to see what will happen. We ended up not doing it because Ricky had a test that day.”

Senior Kareem Hlayhel believes that his lifestyle wouldn’t be the same without his twin, Lelia Hlayhel.

“Having a twin is great. You never go through anything alone,” Kareem said. “I don’t get a lot of alone time for myself, though. I’m not saying it as a bad thing. It’s just sometimes I need to focus on things independently.”

Kareem said having a twin makes school easier.

“We share many of our high school experiences, and when there are tough times I don’t go through it alone. She’s always there for me.”

Similarly, Lelia sees the benefits of having a twin.

“Having a twin creates a much stronger bond than just having like a brother because that person has experienced everything with you since day one,” she said. “The best thing is that you have someone to count on, talk to and ask for help all the time who actually understands what you’re going through.”