In the Spotlight: Chess Club


Students participate in a chess tournament.

Written by Ajay Nair

The Chess Club is a place students can come and relax by testing their chess skills against others. Everyone is welcome to join and membership does not require previous chess experience. People can join Chess Club by going to one of the after school meetings. To find out what days what days the meetings are, students can ask Computer Science teacher Steven Bolting or ask the president, Sabrina Murillo.

Other club officers include vice president Travis Simond, secretary Brittney Chau, treasurer Kiara Holloway, publicist Vienne Nguyen, and Historian Hannah Bolting.

Chau sees Chess Club as a time to take a break from school life.

“The goal of Chess Club is to help students relieve stress from their workload. Most students at Kerr dedicate their time to finish up homework and to study. This results in students not having any time for their hobbies, and in this case, chess.”

There are many events and competitions that students can participate in if they are part of the Chess Club.

“Usually, we have chess tournaments with other schools, in the district. However, this year’s tournament has been cancelled. Mr. Bolting however, is trying to reschedule another tournament for our members,” Chau said.

Bolting has a more concrete perspective about the club.

“The club seeks to support the educational value of chess as a strategy and higher level thinking game.”