Spotlight on Gamers Club

Written by Hammad Arain

Kerr’s Gamers Club provides opportunities for students to participate and play in organized events with other students with similar interests.

Members in this club have the opportunity to play traditional board games and card games, as well as the ability to play interactive video games on consoles and laptops.

Amanda Paz, the president of Gamers Club, briefly emphasizes the main goals and purposes of the club.

“The purpose for the club is to mostly have fun and eliminate all stress coming from the very busy environment in Kerr, and maybe even stress coming from home,” explains Paz. “Our goals are to obtain as many active members to join so we can do additional fun [and] little activities during club meetings. For the event this year, we talked about hosting a Pokémon tournament where we charge $3 to compete in the event and the winner gets a prize at the end.”

The current club officers include: Amanda Paz (President), Kevin Palencia (Vice President), Habib Oulahna (Secretary), Audel Chavez (Historian), and Antony Hoang (Treasurer).

“Our club sponsor is Mrs. Evans, so the [two] ways to join Gamers Club is to come up to me or Mrs. Evans, and we will hand out an application that needs to be signed by a parent and one teacher.”