Spotlight on Kerr Fitness Club

Written by Nathan Tadesse

The Kerr Fitness Club allows students to participate in workouts, sports, and various activities.

President Maria Castillo explains the overall purpose of this organization is to advocate for fitness and nutrition.

“The goal of KFC is to allow people to hit their goals whether it is to be fit, gain muscle, endurance, or strength by allowing them to be able to come and veg their own workout in and if they have any questions as trainers we are here to help them out,” said Castillo.

There are many activities for students to participate in for Kerr Fitness Club.

“We added sports to KFC this year which is new since last year they did not have that. They (students) are able to play sports like volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

The Kerr Fitness Club officers are: Linda Nguyen, Ricky and Brian Phan, Davis Duong, Kenneth Onigbinde, and Maria Castillo.

The sponsor is Coach Moon Kim.

“Students can join by coming to our meetings and you can become an official member by coming to a minimum of 4 meetings and by becoming an official member you’re able to come in on Tuesday and Thursdays to the gym as long as you bring your member ID and you are wearing the required shirt”.