Photo Gallery: Fine Arts Students at Work

Written by Nathan Tadesse

Throughout Kerr, there are several students that participate in various Fine Arts programs, such as the Band or Orchestra. These classes, however, require rigorous amounts of practicing and work.

Kerr Fine Arts students are known for their hard work in perfecting their musical pieces. Their practice is highly serious and their dedication leads them to playing great music.


Alyssa Kahiwat

Concert Orchestra member Alyssa Kahiwat meticulously practices her music on the violin for the upcoming concert.


IkaVarsity Percussion member Ika Soemampauw practices her solo for the upcoming Solo and Ensemble.

Emily CruzPercussion Member Emily Cruz practices on a practice pad for her solo.

NyanConcert Orchestra Members Samuel Bolting, Ahmed Rhaman, and Nyan Lin all practice together for their Winter music.

Shakal AhadPercussion Member Shakal Ahad plays the tums and the crash cymbal for his solo.