ABC 13 News asks students about election result

Written by Yazan Abuashour

ABC 13 News came to the Social Studies and asked seniors taking Government about their thoughts on the outcome of the presidential election.

ABC 13 reporter Foti Kallergis asked for the perspective of a millennial on the election. Students talked about how they are impacted by social media, and all students were anti-trump.

The students were also asked if they will vote in the next election. All of the students raised their hands.

dsc00531Foti Kallergis asks senior Jose Ramos about the atmosphere of election night. Students from left: Alex Parson, Dora Iglesias, Barinaale Dube, Ramos, and Sebastian Grajeda.

dsc00535 dsc00570

Senior Barinaale Dube talked about how she woke up with the news that Donald Trump is president. Similarly, Senior Crystal Nguyen struggled with the burden of telling her little sister who will be the new president of the United States.