COMET volunteers assist elementary students with assignments

Written by Yazan Abuashour

COMET, which stands for Community Outreach Missions Education Team, has been brought to Kerr by District Web Specialist Tracy Lau. About fifty students signed up for the program, most of whom volunteer at the Sneed Elementary site at the Aberdeen Apartments. Kerr has students volunteering throughout all the weekdays.



Junior Luat Vo juggles between two Elementary Students and tries to assist both of them with their assignments


Sophomore Nhi Chung explains simple addition to a COMET student at Aberdeen Apartments


Senior Anh Ha pays close attention to her assigned student, making sure she is solving her math correctly


Junior Vui Tran comes with her friends with COMET to help out with the community after school on a Wednesday


Senior Lynn Nguyen volunteers at the Aberdeen Apartments to aid Sneed Elementary Students