In the Spotlight: Students for Humanity

Written by Nathan Tadesse

The ultimate purpose of Students for Humanity club is to make the community and the world a better place. It can be achieved by volunteering in various places around Houston. President, Abel Bunn, truly defines the meaning and for behind the club.

“Students for Humanity’s objective is to better the community and help the community as much as we can. Through volunteering and participating in several events, we can help the people in the community in various ways.  Our goals this year are to just be better than last year, because last year the club was very unorganized and we want to make up for that this year”, said Bunn.

Students for Humanity has set up a multitude of events for the upcoming year.

“Our major events this year are the Houston Food Bank, in which we visit the food bank and help pack food for the homeless. We also visit the House Of Amos, a smaller food bank, in which we help stock food as well.  There are other events are still in the works.

The officers are: President Abel Bunn, Vice President David Duong, Publicist Newton Huynh, Treasurer Carissa Ledesma, Secretary Anna Lai, and Event Planner Vi Phan.
The club sponsors are: Eileen Caetta and Cindi Payne.
If students want to join Students for Humanity, then can come to any of the meetings, which are on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Students must sign in to be an official member.