10 Questions with Gabrielle Gozali


Gabrielle Gozali

Written by Macda Assefa

Question: What is the first thing you thought when you came to the U.S.?

Answer: The first thing I thought was “Will I ever adapt to the surroundings and how?”

Q : What is your favorite band?

A: I like K-pop so my favorite band would either be EXO or BTS. Can’t choose between two of them cause it’s like choosing between mom and dad.

Q :  What is your biggest regret?

A: Not learning Chinese while I had the chance.

Q : What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

A: Cow’s ear.

Q : Would you rather never be able to speak again or never stop speaking?

A: Never stop speaking

Q : What is your current favorite song?

A: BlackPink – Whistle

Q : Can you describe the last dream you had?

A: I was reading too much of this webtoon called “Tower of God”, so in my dream I was someone who tried to survive in order to get out of a dungeon. If you read the story you’ll know.

Q : If you could be a Greek god, which one would you be?

A: Zeus

Q : Who do you go to when you feel sad?

A: Most of the time no one. I always keep things to myself. If there’s someone it’ll be my mom but very rarely.

Q 10: What is the hardest class you’re taking right now?

A: Anatomy. I’m disappointed in that class and myself.