Sneaker Culture Terms

Sneakerhead – someone who’s into mostly Nike and Jordans (sometimes other brands) and is very conscious about his shoes
Hypebeast – Someone who cares to collect a pair of sneakers because they are rare, limited, very expensive, or have a lot of hype surrounding them
GR – General Release
OG – Original release
Retro – a model of an original shoe that has been re -released to the public with some minor changes
DS – Deadstock, brand new
NDS – Near Deadstock
VNDS – Very Near Deadstock
SB’s – Nike Skateboarding Shoes
AF1 – Air Force 1
Bred – Black/Red Colorway, usually associated with Air Jordans
J’s – Air Jordans
Beaters – shoes worn without any care for the condition
Holy Grail – Most desired sneaker
Heat – Hot/Rare Shoes that are well-liked by most people in the sneaker community
NikeTalk – one of the most active sneaker forums on the internet (