Tribute in the Making: Piece to honor Madsen

The opportunity to honor the beloved Rick Madsen bring enthusiasm and joy to the band members as they prepare themselves to tackle a very emotional venture.

Through the work of Band Director Ashley Siegrist and Composer Carl Schroeder the band will perform a musical piece to be played in honor of Social Studies teacher Rick Madsen. This will be world premiered by the Wind Ensemble in the Spring Concert on Saturday, May 7.

“He [Schroeder] and I had been talking about commissioning a piece for Kerr for a very long time,” Siegrist said. “The perfect time came up this year considering it was two years since Mr. Madsen passed away, who was a very, very important part of Kerr High School.It was a way to commemorate Mr. Madsen in his amazing teaching at this school by writing a piece of music in his honor..”

The effort of many band students and other people who shared their memories of Mr. Madsen, showed the composer his importance to the campus.

“The way we are having the composer learn about Mr. Madsen is by having all the juniors and seniors who had him as a teacher record little memories of him via video, reminiscing their valued time with him,” Siegrist said. “We sent of all them to the composer, and he listened to all the comments from both the staff, and students. And so, the composer is slowly putting those thoughts and feelings together, giving him the inspiration on how he should write the piece. We don’t know how the piece will turn out, but we know roughly that it is based off the remembrances compiled of Mr. Madsen.”

Senior band president Emmanuel Valencia feels an appreciation towards for the piece even though he has not yet heard it.

“Mrs. Siegrist was offered the opportunity to have a song composed to the band, and that’s not something any director with a prestigious band would reject,” Valencia said. “I see it as a tribute from the band seniors before we graduate Kerr.”
Senior Wind Ensemble member Anderson Igben also values the piece.

“The composition produced by the band is evidently the first of its kind,” Igben said. “Being a participant of such a composition, I feel privileged to partake in this one grand tribute to a great, appreciated and beloved teacher.”

Mrs. Cindy Madsen, Mr. Madsen’s wife, sees the piece as a respectful honor towards him

“Rick loved Kerr High School, especially the students,” she said. “Teaching was his passion and the students and staff at Kerr were family to him. The piece that the Band is composing in Rick’s honor shows everyone just how loved and admired he was, and still is.

“It still amazes me to find out just how many lives my husband touched. May 7 will be a very emotional evening for all, but my family and I are looking forward to it.”