Chess Club to host tournament on March 22

Chess Club will be hosting a casual school-wide Chess tournament.

The tournament will take place from Tuesday, March 22 to Tuesday, April 12. It is advised that players come to the first meeting on March 22 to understand the rules the tournament.

Here are the rules:

1. Casual round-robin tournament where everyone plays each other (nonmandatory) once and only once.

2. Players seek out other players in their personal or allotted time and compete against each other to gain points.

3. A win is 1 point, a tie is 0.5 points, and a loss is 0 points.

4. After a set time period, any unregistered matches will be voided. Inform host of game results to register points.

5. At the end of the tournament, the first place winner will receive a trophy and a medal. Second to tenth place winnners will receive a medal.

There will be weekly meetings to pick the location where participants will play against each other.

Students interested have to sign up for the tournament in Mr. Steve Bolting’s room, Room 412, by Monday, March 21.