Hot Links: Sites to make you laugh

If you’re ever bored or need something to do, then visit one of these links to kill some time by having a laugh or two.

Cute Overload – Contains cute and funny images of adorable animals, including hamsters, kittens, bunnies, and puppies.

FAIL Blog – Collection of pictures, videos, and other things that are said to be “epic fail” moments in every day life.

People of Wal-Mart Includes all funny things related to Wal-Mart, including stories, pictures of people dressed oddly, and videos.

Totally Looks Like: Funny Look-Alikes and Dopplegangers – Images that compare two things, such as people to people, objects to people, or animals to people.

Editor’s note: some of the content on some sites may be inappropriate for some audiences. Kerronicle is not responsible for inappropriate material on any of these sites