Too much media? Apps take toll on education


Senior Jacob Mosley stops in the middle of the hallway to check his recent Snapchat notification.

The repeated sound of key clicks and tri-tone notifications resonate throughout the center. Students are intrigued at the sight of their phones, computers, and other electronic devices, using them for school purposes. However, during lunch and breaks students emerge themselves in social media.

Constant use of social media has an effect on the education life of a student. Most of the effects are negative, but there a few advantages to the use of social media.

Students, like junior Danish Hussain, have slowly begun to realize their dramatic increase in phone use.

“I see that many changes through phones give me the urge to see trends, check updates [videos and pictures on Instagram], or to simply snapchat someone, rather than do my work” Hussain said.

Social media usage affected overall focus towards completing work, seemingly a very unnoticeable distraction. Junior Michelle Martinez holds true to social media’s effect on her,

“Without notice, I’ve seen that I use my phone way more than I should be,” said Martinez.

“Keeping up with friends online seems better than finishing school work. I noticed that getting distracted from school work changed how I get my work done and my grades.”

Social media’s elevation has received much attention by certain people, and has impacted students. Students such as freshman Samana Beidoun have indeed recognized this intriguing change.

“I just noticed how much time I spent on social media[Snapchat,, and Instagram] , and how it gets in the way of my work,” Beidoun said. “I had problems with finishing my PAKs and getting ready for tests, but overall I’ve gotten so used to using my phone, that checking it every now and then seems so ordinary.”

Students are not the only the only people that see the effects of social media. Staff members such as interventionist Jan Kolk believe in this.

“I see students use social media both positively and negatively,” said Kolk. “If a student is struggling on a subject, others communicate to help. However, I see an equal number of students get lured in by social media, and it keeps them entertained, rather than doing something like Algebra 2. At Kerr you need to teach yourself and you need high focus, but social media may hinder that.”

Overall the use of phones has changed the perspective and environment for students and teachers alike.

“Everywhere I look, from one side of the room to the other, I see people day to day, glued to their phones and computer screens” said sophomore Abenether Yonas. “I feel that social media is an enormous change, but it depends on how people use it.”

Poll: How much time do you spend on social media?
Poll: How much time do you spend on social media?