Testing Center has new proctor


Courtney Doyle

A line of more than ten students is all waiting with a testing pass in their hands. More students are coming in to the Testing Center. It is getting closer to chaos, and there is much confusion.

Courtney Doyle
Courtney Doyle

The school year started without an official tester proctor, with paraprofessionals from different centers having to cover the desk for test-takers. Courtney Doyle took the open spot in the testing center in October to help calm down the disorganization that is common on popular testing days.

Doyle had some previous teaching skills, but is looking forward to be the testing proctor.

“I came from a Christian academy not too far from here where I was a third grade teacher,” Doyle said. “I am here until they don’t like me.”

Senior Lyna Pham has seen the Testing Center evolve over her high schools years.

“For a long time, it was Mrs.[Nancy] Villegas. She was doing the job just fine, but the testing lady change was welcome,” Pham said. Villegas moved to the business center. “The testing center was getting very busy at the beginning of the school year.”

Pham sees organization in the Testing Center as a critical factor to its integrity.

“The Testing Center is a place where grades are taken seriously,” Pham said. “It is good that the school got someone to take over the testing position for good.”

Junior Christopher Flores is a frequent test-taker who doesn’t like being tense when it comes to taking his weekly tests.

“I have Algebra 3 and US History, and we have tests every week. It makes you nervous when you know your grade is on the line,” Flores said. “The new testing lady is really nice. That really helps ease things up. It makes tests less scary.”

Doyle also enjoys the environment in the testing center.

“I actually love it here. The kids are very well-mannered and well behaved. I love my center,” Doyle said. “That’s another good thing about the kids. They don’t try to do anything that they aren’t supposed to be doing. They make my job extremely easy.”