Pie in the Face December 16

Plant a pie in the face of a faculty member!

Class of 2012 will be hosting the annual Pie in the Face fund raiser right after the Alphabet Auction on December 16 during fourth period.

For the fundraiser, students place change in bottles with teacher’s names; the teachers with the most money December 16 will receive a pie in their face during the event.

Kerr’s December students of the month will have the honor of pieing the teachers. As of December 9, Evgenia Volkova is in first place, Sarah Urban in second, Patti Drachenberg in third place and Janine Hughes in fourth place; other faculty members in the running are Greg Freeman, Tommy Miller, Toni Maness-Richards, Margret Bancoft, Chris Halket, Kathy Harrison, Tinsley Jones, Luci Myers and Jan Kolk.