Mai wins Culture Shapers

Senior Amy Mai was awarded $250 December 8 for her electronic media piece in the annual Culture Shaper’s Art Competition, “A Season of Abstraction.”

Mai entered Culture Shapers with four different types of entries and won for her electronic media piece.

“[E-media] was the one category that I didn’t want to submit because it was so last minute,” Mai said. “But Ms. Canorro said ‘to go ahead’, so I just threw it together.”

Her winning piece was originally created for Cadre Kerr’s season of Abstract Expressionism.

“It’s pretty much an advertisement: a mock poster, booklet, business card, and a season pass,” Mai said.

Along with the her electronic media artwork, Mai also competed in the painting, drawing, and mixed media competition.

She had expected to win from one of those entries and was more doubtful about her e-media piece.

“[My other pieces], to me, they were more personal and intense,” Mai said. “I took a lot more time on them. They all revolved around my mom.”

This year, Kerr had a total of 67 pieces that were submitted to Culture Shapers, 38 pieces from art teacher Lisa Canorro and 29 pieces from art teacher Janine Hughes. Most students competing submitted multiple entries.

“We had many people who made it in the top 15,” Cannoro said. “Joann Lochary made it into the top 15. We [also] had a couple of other people who made first-round finalist…Giang Do.”

The process of competing in Culture Shapers consists of creating the actual artwork, getting the paperwork for it done on time and turned in, and the actual submitting of the piece.

“It’s judged the following day,” Canorro said, “and then we find out a couple days later, about a week later, who made it in the top ten.”

When asked for advice for anyone interested in competing in the art competition, Mai simply said it wasn’t possible.

“You don’t know what they’re looking for,” she said. “Even if yours is out-of-this-world and [very] amazing, you don’t know what they’re looking for. It changes every year.”