Second ‘Mr. KHS’ pageant brings competition and excitement


Alex Phung (pictured with Uyen Vu) won the first Mr. KHS competition in spring 2015.

The room gets quiet, the slightest crumpling of paper or murmur of voices can be heard. The contestants’ hearts are pounding, with glimmers of sweat running down their foreheads. They all smile and nod at each other, wishing the opposition the very best, but knowing fully well that there can only be one crown.

“And the winner of Mr.KHS 2016 is..”

The eight dreaded words for the very anticipated event, Mr. KHS is here to decide who the main man at Kerr High School really is. There are 11 pairs of contestants, representing different clubs in school, each fighting for the title of Mr. KHS. The event will be December 10 at 7 PM in the Kerr cafeteria.

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“We (Cadre Kerr) pick a guy representative from each club at Kerr, who of course has to be a senior, who is accompanied by an escort, to fight for the title of Mr.KHS,” Senior Gabby Rodriguez said. “There is going to be a physical challenge, which is going to be pre-recorded, contrary to last year when we streamed the event live. There is also going to be a scavenger hunt, an apparel contest judged by professional judges, which includes formal and casual wear categories, and categories voted by the people such as best smile, best eyes, best hair and most popular.”

Cadre Kerr has hosted the event only once before. Several of the contestants are close friends, but will have to ditch their comradery for a week-long battle for votes. The contestants will be training, preparing for December 10, when the title will be decided.

Many of the contestants are positive that they’re the chosen one(s) and will try their best to convince the student body of that. In the end, the ultimate vote comes down to the people, and the contestants will have to work hard to win each and every single vote they get.

“I don’t think I should win Mr. KHS, I know I should win Mr. KHS,” said Class of 2016 representative Trevor Dinh. “My class already voted me Mr. KHS, so why should I compete to gain the title I already own? I also came pretty close to winning it last year, so I hope my experience last year will help me to win this year.”   

Most of the candidates have had experience with this event from last year, but there are certainly a hefty amount of rookies. Many contestants were simply doing their clubs a favor. Now that the competition is very serious and tighter than ever, even the rookies are pulling strong in the competition.

“The opposing candidates are definitely very intimidating,” Band President Jason Nguyen said. “I can tell some of them are very serious about winning Mr. KHS, which makes me want to work harder and push to be worthy competition myself.”

The competitions, the games, the dressing up, all of the things that are a part of the Mr. KHS competition that make it all the more fun. Many of the contestants like enjoying the time spent competing with their partners and it makes it all the more worthwhile.

“I thought it’d be a fun idea for starters,” Engineering club representative Shafin Amin said. “Since I’m a senior, I won’t have much more time left in high school and I decided to partake in the event because why not? It would be a lot of fun and it would be something I have to remember for the years when I graduate high school.”