Volkova transitions to Social Studies

Three years ago, Evguenia Volkova continued another year of teaching English curriculum. Three years later, her transition into social studies marks the beginning into a whole new experience.

This year, former English II teacher Volkova began teaching seniors under government and economics, after Steven Levine’s retirement from the social studies center from the previous year.

“I actually have thought about this transition for a while,” Volkova said. “I got certified and when I came to Kerr. I was interviewed by both the English and History department and they convinced me to come to English. I moved to history because I like history, and they say ‘change is good for your brain,’ so I thought it could be something to try. I also get to learn some new things every day.”

Junior Alan Enriquez is sympathetic to the changes Volkova is experiencing in her new role as a social studies teacher.

“I’ve talked to Ms. Volkova about how she feels this year,” Enriquez said. “and she admits to being more stressed. I understand this because it’s a whole new curriculum to teach, and three classes at that!”

However, Enriquez still believes that Volkova is still the same teacher, regardless of the change into social studies.

“She’s still the same: kind, loving, and also focused.” he said. “Although, she’s under a lot of pressure from all three classes, and she also manages to have good conversations with her students as she did during her time in the English center.”

Even after going through a large transition, Volkova still notes a few differences from the English center and the social studies center, as some memories last strong after teaching for many years.

“English had high ceilings and it was generally bigger, and at some times it was much louder, but I kind of miss that,” she said. “I miss English and I like social studies, it’s like apples and oranges to me.”