New tutoring tool to teach students in different approach

Freshmen have received a new tool to assist them in their academic success. is a one-on-one tutoring program that is aimed to aid students with various school subjects such as all of the academics and some elective classes with instant feedback from a certified tutor.

College Access Counselor Sara Tones is in charge of this program. Tones sees personal feedback as something crucial for student learning.

I think it will be a great helping tool because they will be able to access a tutor when they are not at school,” Tones said. “So, if they [the students] are home and they are stuck on a question and they cannot call anybody, they can get on there and get a tutor that way.”

Tones believes that this way of help is better than what Kerr students are normally used to.

“[] gives them better support at home when they are doing their homework,” Tones said. “It is an actual live person. The student asks a question then the tutor tutors them through that question.”

Overall this new implement will be helpful for Freshmen students. It is a new type of learning that is aimed at directly addressing the students that need help. Tones has looked at the student’s thoughts about this new program.

So far it has gotten really good reviews from the students,” Tones said.