Van wins TASB award


Connie Van with her artwork “Stuck Up”

Junior Connie Van’s artwork received an award and will be displayed at the Texas Association of School Board’s annual conference this fall.

Nevertheless, Van had personal critiques on the piece she calls “Stuck Up.” Van originally sent two pieces of artwork, but ultimately “Stuck Up” was chosen as the recipient of the award.

“I thought it was really ugly because my nose is really exaggerated and my whole face is exaggerated,” she said.

Van felt the need to make her artwork different than the smooth and “perfect” pieces she saw created by using the technique of blending.

“I got inspired when I was walking down the art hallway, and there was this picture that had the same kinda of style, but it was like scribble.”

Van definitely has an enthusiasm for art, but plans to take another route after high school while still working on art.

“It’s more like a hobby but not like a [degree] major.”

Connie Van with her work,