Earn a free 2016 yearbook

All students who will attend Kerr in 2015-16 are eligible to earn a free yearbook.

Interested students should come by the Journalism room 302 (located near the nurse’s office) to pick up a packet with information on how to earn a free book by selling business and community ads.

  • Any Kerr student is eligible to earn Yearbook Bucks.
  • Earn $1 in Yearbook Bucks for every $10 in ad sales.
  • Yearbook Bucks can be used towards the purchase of a book or add-ons like clear covers or name tags.
  • Ads can be from any business or community group: youth organizations, churches, sports clubs, dance or martial arts schools, tutoring services, etc.
  • Advertisers must be new — they cannot have appeared in the 2014 or 2015 yearbook.
  • Ads must be ordered online at yearbookforever.com.
  • Buyers must put the student’s name and ID number under “special instructions” for the student to receive credit.
  • Buyers can design their own ad on the website or they can upload information and photos to the website and have the yearbook staff design it.

The deadline for earning yearbook bucks is August 31.