Science and Engineering Club team advances to regional submarine competition


Everyone watched in awe as science teacher Eric Dunlap, dressed in swimming gear, took a quick dip in the Ness Natatorium to set up his team’s complicated-looking undersea mechanism. With their submarine ready to compete, the Sea Kerrs, of Kerr’s science and engineering club, were pumped and prepared to take on the other teams in the district-wide submarine engineering competition. By the end of the races, Kerr’s team was determined eligible to advance to the regional competition.

The Sea Kerrs consists of six members, Shafin Amin, Daniel Flores, Suleiman Anaza, Anna Lai, Kevin Moreno, and Cristian Casas. The team finished the obstacle course with an average time of 1 minute, 15 seconds. They placed 2nd out of 12 teams in the district competition and are moving on to the regional competition along with six other teams from the district. The Sea Kerrs will  be competing in the Navy City Outreach Houston Regional SeaPerch Competition on Saturday, March 7, starting at 8:00 AM.

Junior Shafin Amin divulged the Sea Kerr’s method of success. “We got a fast obstacle course completion time with trial and error,” Amin said, “we kept trying over and over again.”

Submarine competition
Junior Shafin Amin lowers the Sea Kerr’s sub into the pool for a practice run. Photo by Jun Tan