Cadre Kerr with 14 qualifiers and one scholarship winner at State Festival

In the November State Festival in Dallas, Cadre Kerr has made a record of 14 qualifiers and 1 scholarship winner. Below are the list of winners and their events.

Solo Musical: Melissa Ramos

Musical Theatre Scholarship: Melissa Ramos

Monologue: Danyal Syed

Dyet Acting: Meriah Menedez and Christina Tahtouh

Group Acting (First Group): Gabby Rodgrifuez, Jesus Pineda, and Rem Aitbouchireb

Group Acting (Second Group): Yvonne Taboh, Helen Do, Alexandra Parson, Amanda Paz, Feyisayo Ogunlana, and Humna Khalid

Lightning Design: Saira Martinez


Special Mentions to:

Saira Martinez for earning 21 callbacks for colleges in Technical Theatre

Melissa Ramos for earning 23 callbacks for colleges in Musical Theatre