Halloween brings back forgotten memories

halloween costume

Skeletons stalk the streets. Jack o’lanterns glow brightly in the darkness of the night. Bats circle about in the black sky. The neighborhood children hurry door-to-door asking for sweets and treats to celebrate one of the most memorable holidays of the year.

Certain memories persist throughout our lives. Halloween and the tradition of Trick-or-Treating happens to be one of those memories.

When sophomore, Matthew Davis, was about four years old, he dressed in his favorite costume.

“I was dressed up as Spiderman,” Davis said. “I had a Spiderman shirt, so I put a couple of stickers on there to make it look cooler.”

Davis never settles for anything less than a full load of candy, and he has his reasons.

“I fill my basket to the top when I went Trick or Treating. I always fill it up when I go,” Davis said. “It is a competition between me and my sister on who can get the most candy, but we never eat all the candy.”

Sophomore Ajay Nai, also likes to dress up as Spiderman. His most memorable moment came after his Trick-Or-Treat routine.

“We were walking to a house and knocked on the door,” Nair said. “Then when they opened the door to give us candy, a girl was hiding and came out and scared us. I screamed.”

Senior Haochen Yu can sympathize with Nair’s experience. He spends his Halloweens running away from decorations.

“There was this scary prop that looked like a statue, and it was holding a bowl of candy,” Yu said. “So, I told this girl to get candy, because I was scared. When she reached for the bowl, the man stood up and started chasing us.”

Yu says he never tries to return the favor.

“I don’t scare them back because I know how it feels if you get scared,” he said. “Naw, I actually just don’t have time.”

Davis said he will remember past Halloweens even though he no longer Trick-or-Treats.

“I won’t really miss Trick-or-Treating, because I kind of grew out of it,” Davis said. “Because I spent time with my family and was able to gather piles of candy, Halloween memories will remain very important to me.”