Senior favorites results are in

Voting for senior favorites for Class of 2011 took place from November 15 to November 30.

The winners are:

  • Mr. Kerr – Jignesh D.
    Ms. Kerr – Michelle V.
    Best Dressed Guy – Lee D.
    Best Dressed Girl – Christie L.
    Best Smile (guy) – Richard N.
    Best Smile (girl) – Bushra M.
    Friendliest Guy – Paulo P.
    Friendliest Girl – Julie N.
    Most Handsome – Christian G.
    Most Beautiful – Christine H.
    Most Athletic Guy – Emmerson R.
    Most Athletic Girl – Huynh N.
    Most Outgoing Guy – Kevin P.
    Most Outgoing Girl – Ruth (Honey) O.
    Most Humurous Guy – Raiyan A.
    Most Humurous Girl – Uche (Frances) O.
    Most Talented Guy – Malcolm K.
    Most Talented Girl – Amy M.
    Most Chill Guy – Michael D.
    Most Chill Girl – Jo Ann L.
    Most Likely to Succeed (guy) – Du P.
    Most Likely to Succeed (girl) – Lakshmi G.