Alyssa Andaverde’s Senior 30s

I was really excited to join newspaper my sophomore year. I was in Journalism class when Mrs. Negri handed a flyer out to join Newspaper or Yearbook. I had already been in Yearbook during Middle School so I thought, “Eh why not try something new?” But that first day in Newspaper was frightening. I remember wondering if I made the right decision joining. Durand and I were basically the only sophomores so it was very intimidating. On top of that it was so quiet, like math center ISP quiet! It was very intimidating.

However I came back junior year without a doubt in my mind because even though it was scary, I knew that if I stuck through with it I wouldn’t regret it. Since joining newspaper I had so many laughs and memories with people who I would’ve never thought I’d speak to. Sophie, I’m talking about you. And not just the memories but the experience has made me a better writer and also taught me a lot about myself. Now I’m highly educated in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, heck I can make my own newspaper if I wanted to. I’ve even won awards by entering competitions like ILPC. I mean that’s the best feeling when you’re recognized for work you didn’t think was good but turns out to be pretty alright. My self-confidence has definitely boosted up since joining.

Newspaper has taught me how to be professional yet silly at the same time. This club was a love-hate relationship. I hated not meeting deadlines and having the inevitable “talk” from Mrs. Negri. However I loved making the issues and making fun of koala. I learned teamwork, how to talk to people better (because my social skills sucked), how to meet deadlines and how to panic if we didn’t meet them, commitment, and friendship. Being apart of something so important to a certain someone, Mrs. Negri, has been really rewarding.
I’m going to miss all of this and all of you. I’m also going to miss almost dying with Alyssa Martinez on our food adventures, the food parties with the staff, Nadia’s horrible puns, Koala’s gossiping, and the NEGRI DIP WHICH IS LEGEND…WAIT FOR…DARY. Are you proud of me Nadia?

The most important thing I’ve learned is friendship. Knowing the staff had my back at any moment and I had theirs is a family I never took to recognize. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being apart of this family.