Kerr Film Society holds school-wide lip dub on April 17

Kerr Film Society will hold a school-wide lip dub on Thursday, April 17, as a submission to the Alief Festival and to also promote the school. The song is “On Our Way” by The Royal Concept.

Anyone that wants to be a main lip-syncer, meaning you’ll be the attention for three to five seconds, must sign up during all lunches to participate and attend the mandatory meeting on Monday, April 14, after school in the Social Studies Center. Lip-syncers must memorize the song.

There will be a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, April 15, after school in the Social Studies Center as well, but this day will be primarily focused on club placement, decorations, and more practice. Clubs, have your representative posters and paraphernalia ready.

April 17 will follow a special event schedule, leaving the remaining time to get ready and film.