Kerr leads in academic meet results


UIL District MedalsKerr academic teams were leading the district results after the academic meet Saturday at Taylor High School.

With the one-act play advancing to district competition next weekend, Kerr is poised to win the district sweepstakes award.

In accounting, Rebecca Negri placed second, Jenny Nguyen placed third and Tony Luu placed sixth. The team placed second.

In calculator applications, Hadiqa Memon placed third and Tony Luu sixth.

In computer applications, Sumaiya Asif placed fifth.

In computer science, Michael Rossi-Santamauro placed fourth and Duy Le placed fifth.

In cross-examination debate, Princess Adentan and Krystal Uchem placed second and Mohammed Fraaz and Misti Fulmer placed third. The team took first place.

In current events, Mohit Agarwal placed first, Jun Tan second, Jefin Jacob third and Noah McMurray fourth. The team placed first.

In editorial writing, Tuong Phi le placed second, Malenie Areche third and Alyssa Martinez fifth.

In feature writing, Yen Tran placed third and Hadiqa Memon fourth.

In headline writing, Nadia Zulfa placed second and Amy Haokip placed third.

In informative speaking, Jun Tan placed first.

In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Emily Nguyen placed first and Nimra Ahad placed third.

In literary criticism, Hannah Choice placed first, Jenelle Estrada third and Malenie Areche sixth. The team placed first.

In mathematics, Hadiqa Memon placed fifth and Michael Rossi-Santamauro placed sixth. The team placed second.

In news writing, Nadia Zulfa placed first, Hadiqa Memon placed second, and Yen Tran placed fourth.

In persuasive speaking, Vera Nweke placed fourth, Krystal Uchem placed fifth and Gengi Kleto placed sixth.

In prose interpretation, Alex Vinh placed third and Jamarcus Lacy placed fifth.

In poetry, Jeannette Nguyen placed fifth and Rem Aitbouchireb placed sixth.

In science, Mohit Agarwal placed second, My Quan placed fourth and Peter Duong placed fifth. In biology, Duong placed second; in physics, Agarwal took first. The team placed second.

In Social Studies, Jefin Jacob placed first, Virginia Chen third and Jesus Escobar placed fourth. The team took first place.

In spelling, Annette Phan placed fourth and the team took second place.

In ready writing, Yen Tran placed first.

Kerr won the overall journalism championship.

Regional competition and the state academic meet are both in May.