Musicians earn awards at band competition

Over the past weekend, Kerr band earned a total of 65 medals at this year’s Solo & Ensemble Contest.

In the highest difficulty level (Class 1), 44 students received superior rating and 13 students received excellent rating.

In the second highest difficulty level (Class 2), 14 students received superior rating and 14 students received an excellent rating. In addition, 38 students will be advancing to State which takes place in Austin this May.

Students who will advance to state are junior Christine Phan, junior Valerie Bombon, junior Tran Tran, junior Tran Trinh, junior Adriel Trujillo, sophomore Emmanuel Valencia, sophomore Ira Mendoza, sophomore Thuan Pham, sophomore Phong Vo, senior Kimberly Hooks, freshman Sabrina Murillo, junior Angela Tran, freshman Gerardo Jasso, sophomore Yen Nguyen, freshman Nathan Tadesse, junior Alondra Tristan, senior Michael Rossi, senior Carlos Iniguez, junior Victor Okoroji, senior Andre Pham, senior Tien Quach, senior Princess Adentan, sophomore Ivan Pham, senior Alex Vinh, freshman Luis Cruz, sophomore Navoda Perikala, freshman Excel Luna, junior Lam Nguyen, senior Keryn Tat, senior Krystal Uchem, freshman Aura Morales, freshman Linda Nguyen, freshman Danny Phan, sophomore Esther Soyebo, senior Edgar Contreras, sophomore Jason Nguyen, senior Derrick Nguyen, senior Thomas Tran. Among these 38, seven students qualified in two events. They are Christine Phan, Thuan Pham, Michael Rossi, Carlos Iniguez, Victor Okoroji, Princess Adentan, and Alex Vinh.