Five win gold in Scholastic Writing

For two students, Scholastic Writing competitions have resulted in another gold key for their chains. Nadia Zulfa and Tuong-Phi Le have earned their fifth and fourth keys, respectively, in this year’s competition, this time for portfolios.

Winning gold keys for individual writing pieces are Jun Tan, Princess Adentan, and Jennie (Anh) Nguyen. Paula Natividad earned honorable mention for her piece.

Zulfa has won 5 keys in her four years at Kerr: 4 silver keys and 1 gold key.

Similarly, Le has won one key for each of her four years at Kerr, 4 in total.

The two participants each won a gold key in portfolio. It is the first time in six years, according to English teacher Ayn Nys, that any student has won a gold key in portfolio.

For more information, see Nys.

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