General Question: What is one thing people don’t know about you?

“I like gardening. I like nature a lot so gardening is the only way I can get closer to nature. I love growing my own stuff like my chickens. I just really like agriculture, it’s really peaceful, the feeling of it. I have lemons, tomatoes, strawberries, tomato peppers. I grew some onions one year, that was fun, they all died.” -Cindy Lopez, 12

“I’m gonna try and get into shape this semester. I want to actually utilize the gym because I realized that were pretty privileged to have it so before I leave I want to actually use it.” -Mohammed Waheed, 12

“I’m double jointed and can bend my fingers backward. It freaks people out.” -Samantha Davis, 11

“I’m very sensitive and deep person despite the fact that I deceive people with my outgoing manner just so that everyone else can be happy expect for me. There’s a lot of things that I do at home that I don’t show other people like baking, and making eggs, and cooking noodles, and watching crunchyroll, and watching Netflix. Or I sleep cause I don’t like when people watch me sleep and I change my clothes.” -Jacob Fattouri, 11

“I collect snowglobes! My mom gives me one every year for my birthday or Christmas and I’m going to pass it down to my own children and make it a tradition.” -Sharon Vuong, 10

“When I was young, my aunt taught my sisters and I how to dance Hawaiian or Polynesian dances to perform at churches. I disapproved of it, thinking I had to wear those grass/hula skirts, but then my aunt introduced me into something I ended up enjoying. She thought me how to use the ‘poi balls,’ a ball attached to a string and do a bunch of tricks with it. She also made me some shorts so I didn’t have to put up with the skirts. My sisters and I started performing around churches and sometimes even in weddings. We did it for a long that my aunt gave us a group names, “The McKnight Grandkid Dancers.” -Kevin Cortez, 10

“It’s a thing my little brother came up with and it just stuck. That was like the first word he said and it just ended up as my name. Now my whole family calls me that.”  -Chandler Clark, 9

“One thing I don’t really tell people is that I do boxing outside of school. I’m kind of the knitter, the baker, and do theatre so no one really knows that I box and do competitions. But I stopped for awhile because I have to pay for speech and debate.” -Rem Aitbouchireb, 9