Teacher of the Year elections Jan. 22

Teacher of the Year will be held on Wednesday, January 22 in the library from 7 AM to 3 PM. Staff members can vote on one of the four candidates: Art teacher Laurie Hughes; World History teacher Rick Madsen, Site Intervention Facilitator Eugene Miller, and Theatre teacher Julie Ryan.

As a tradition, the previous year’s teacher of the year, Doris Curry, and the school’s secretary, Valerie Erwin, will count the votes in a locked room after the voting period ends. If a person with a majority vote is found, then his or her name will be announced as the winner the following morning on Thursday, January 23.

If a person with a majority vote is not found, then Curry and Erwin will choose the two teachers with the greatest vote. They will then have a face-off on Thursday, January 23, and the result will be announced on Friday, January 24.

For more information, ask librarian Jean Wu or Business teacher Curry.