STUCO changes point system

For the 2013-2014 school year, Student Council has changed its point system.

Students will now need to turn in a monthly point form due at the end of each month or the beginning of the following month. Points will now also be awarded at the end of Student Council’s events, including participations at meetings.

For full points in an event, students need to get their form signed by the head of the event. If the forms are lost, then no points will be distributed unless the students can prove that they were at the events.

Community service points will have a separate form and students will need to write the name of the event, the amount of hours volunteered, and obtain the sponsor’s signature. If the student have a certificate from the event, he or she can attach it to the back of the form instead of obtaining a signature.

Furthermore, active membership in Student Council to receive the honor cord now requires attendance to two mandatory general meetings per semester. Mandatory point requirements for each year are listed below:

Freshman: 25 points each semester

Sophomore: 35 points each semester

Junior: 40 points first semester/50 points second semester

Senior: 60 points each semester

Any questions can be directed to the Student Council sponor, Margaret Bancroft, who can be found in the library. Students can also go to the StuCo page and view the Point System Information file under Resources in the following link: