Senior class favorites announced

Class favorites have been voted and selected on for the graduating class of 2014.

Mr. and Ms. Kerr: Jim Luu and Jennifer Ho

Most Humorous: Jing Wu and Alyssa Martinez

Most Stylish: Jason Quach and Eileen Wu

Friendliest: Marc Parra and Lisa Bui

Most Talented: Edgar Contreras and Marie Gonzalez

Most Athletic: Abhishek Mukund and Amy Ho

Most Unique: Wallace Wilson and Hanah Choice

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Christian Galang and Jennifer Torres

Most Likely to be a Millionaire: Mohit Agarwal and Princess Adentan

Guy/Girl You Most Like to be Stranded On a Desert Island With: Peter Duong and Diane Chau

Winners will earn a special spot in the yearbook.