General Question: What is your favorite senior memory?

“I think my favorite senior memory would have to be the Kerr Talent Show 2013. The Odd Squad. Pretty odd…but they were my best friends.  I watched them practice in the halls and I tried learning the moves myself because it just looked way too cool. Then at the last second, I was asked to perform with their squad. Now I’m no dancer, but I can sure tell you that it was the best night of my life. The rest of the acts were amazing. The Odd Squad is LEGEND…wait for it…DARY!” — Fahim Houssain, 12

“My favorite senior memory is a compilation of all the times I have played volleyball with Travis Dinh and Victor Yeung. And all the times I have messed around in gym with friends and getting as much free food as I can on Fridays when Nutrition class is cooking. Shout out to Coach Diaz and Coach Bailey!” — Elizabeth Nguyen, 12

“My favorite senior memory is the year-long prank war that has been going on with my friends, Justin, Ali, and I. We have had some crazy good times and I will miss our shenanigans.” — Jose Hernandez, 12

“My favorite senior memory was when Liz, Shundar, and me got to go to a Joey Diamond concert for free. We didn’t have enough cash, but then the guy just let us in and we got to meet him twice.” — Janique Alcantara, 12