Farewell, Urban: English teacher moving to Switzerland

English teacher Sarah Urban is moving to Switzerland this summer to get married and start a new life with her fiancé, Doug.

“For the summer, we’re going to paint [our house] and I’m going to learn German,” Urban said. “I have a new language and new geography to learn and I have a marriage that I want to enjoy. I don’t want to work 100-hour weeks—so I’m thinking about subbing. After that, options might be to secure a teaching position or become a tutor and start my own tutoring company and do college applications and AP and SAT.”

But even though Urban is leaving the “Kerr way” behind, she is still grateful for the life’s lessons her students have taught her.

“The cultural diversity….daily interaction with a multitude of cultures, and with people of different politics and different faith systems, and people with no faith systems,” Urban said. “Just this rainbow of culture and this rainbow of thinking—I feel smarter, I feel more human, I feel engaged with the world, I feel nicer, I feel more informed, I feel more connected, I feel luckier.”