Classes work to raise money

You walk around the halls looking for someone to buy the last bag of animal crackers or Cheez-its. That last item is always the hardest to sell. The bag is tearing and it has been a whole day you’ve tried to sell that last snack, so end up buying it yourself in order get a new bag and start selling again. 

Senior year may be four years away, but the fundraising begins freshman year. This money is invested for one night: prom. After that, the class donates the remainder to any cause they see fit. The main struggle is raising enough to get the prom with the perfect venue at an affordable cost.

According to senior class sponsor Evguenia Volkova, it’s an effort from the class, the class officers and the sponsor.

“It does not happen by itself,” Volkova said. “The officers must take responsibility of their position and all students should be motivated to take action and raise the money.”

Junior class sponsor, Jan Kolk, is impressed by the organization and the spirit of  her class.

“We have held many fundraisers such as pizza night at Double Dave’s, the soccer game with Alief Early College, movie night, before- and afterschool winter cocoa sale and during- and afterschool snacks sales,” Kolk said. “The officers have basically done everything; I am impressed with the process and I am glad they will end junior year well.”

Snack sales are the best way to raise money, according to Class of 2014 treasurer, Durand Nguyen.

“Selling snacks before and after school is the best way,” Nguyen said. “But it all depends on the class; people will buy the snacks if class members are motivated.”

Former class of 2014 president Jim Luu believes it’s all about planning and raising class spirit.

“It is a team effort. At the beginning of the year the officers meet and plan out the whole year,” Luu said. “You have to figure out the best dates in the year for snack sales and make sure to reserve them. Then you have to make sure to reach out to everyone in the class and coordinate with the other officers and the sponsor.”

According to class of 2015 sponsor, Deborah Valdez, planning can be a hassle.

“In order to host an event it is important to get a lot of permissions and many school rules have to be followed,” Valdez said. “You have to make sure that the kids don’t eat the profit and that everyone participates.”

My Quan, class of 2015 treasurer, finds gaining profit a challenging task.

“We had the Halloween extravaganza and the snacks afterschool,” Quan said. “The profit was still not as much compared to the snacks sales.”

According to Volkova, the best opportunities to raise money come during senior year.

“You get fundraisers such as homecoming, senior auction and talent show,” Volkova said.