Registration begins Monday for summer school at Kerr

Registration for summer school at Kerr High School will begin on Monday April 29- Thursday May 2, during all lunches in room 328. All forms and information are located in the AP’s office. Students are expected to pick up a copy if they wish to attend. When registering, students will need to bring all paperwork signed.

Tuition cost varies upon students’ family income and whether or not they attend Alief ISD.

Free Reduced Regular Out of District
One Course 0 $75 $150 $245
Two Courses 0 $125 $250 $490
Building Usage Fee +$25 +$25 +$25 +$25


Remediation semester courses, original credit year-long/ combo courses, original credit semester courses, and distance learning/ online original credit will all be offered.

See the counselors for more information.