Class Wars preparations ongoing

Class Wars will be Friday, April 26, immediately after school.

Aside from competing in the Class War competitions, Student Council is offering all four classes two opportunities to earn additional points towards their class’s cumulative total.

During the morning announcements, from April 21-26, students can ( correctly) answer factoids to win points. Students are to text their answer and their class to the designated number on the screen. The first student to text the correct answer will earn a Class Wars point for their class.  If students text their answer to the Friday Factoid number, their class will not receive a point.

Another way to earn Class Wars points is by donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. A $.50 donation will get a link added to their class’s chain. The class with the most links will earn 4 points, second most links will earn 3 points, third longest will earn 2 points, and the class with the least amount of chains will earn 1 point.