Kerr High School UIL 5A Results

Kerr’s UIL team competed in the district 5A meet, held at Eisenhower High School.

Here is a breakdown of the results.

Accounting: first- Emily Tran, fourth- Johnny Nino, sixth- Jenny Nguyen, and the team received second place for their performance.

Calculator Application: fourth- Hadiqa Memon.

Chemistry: first- Mohit Agarwal.

Computer Application: second- Jesus Escobar, third- Fahim Hossain, fourth- Adam Aitbouchireb, and the team received third place for their performance.

Computer Science: fifth- Fortythree Shiaohongtu.

Cross Examination Debate: second- Huy Pham and Misti Fulmer, fourth- Tiffany Thai and Krystal Uchem, and the two groups received first place for their team performance.

Current Issues: first place – Mohit Agarwal, second place –  Shimei Nelapati, and the team received first place for their performance.

Editorial Writing: third place –  Tuong-Phi Le and fifth place – Jason Nguyen

Feature Writing: fourth place – Hadiqa Memon and sixth place – Nadia Zulfa

Headline Writing: first place – Huy Pham, second place —  Tuong-Phi Le, and fifth place – Nadia Zulfa

Informative Speaking: first place – Junyan Tan

Lincoln Douglas Debate: second- Emily Ngyuen, third- Princess Adentan, and Christian Galang broke to Quater-finals.

Literary Criticism: first place – Tuong Phi Le, fourth place – Jenelle Estrada, and the team received second place for their performance.

Mathematics: second place —  Trishna Parikh, fourth place – Dan Trinh, sixth place – Hadiqa Memon, and the team received first place for their performance.

News Writing: first place – Jason Nguyen and third place –  Nadia Zulfa

Persuasive Speaking: fourth place – Kyndhal Stewart and fifth place – Jamarcus Lacey

Poetry Interpretation: sixth place – Jamarcus Lacey

Prose Interpretation: fifth place – Alex Vinh

Ready Writing: fourth place – Nadia Zulfa and sixth place – Tuong-Phi Le


second place —  Trishna Parikh,  third place –  David Vien, fourth place – Mohit Agarwal, sixth place – Heba Ahmed, and the team received first for their performance.

Social Studies: first place – Micaela Cadungog and the team received second place team for their performance

Spelling and Vocabulary: third place –  Shimei Nelapati

Those who competed in Editorial, Headline, Feature, and News Writing ranked first in Journalism team.